Aromatica Australia Programme of Events

Aromatica Australia will be delivered over two days. Day one will focus on presentations from our wonderful array of experienced speakers. Day two will follow with a series of workshops, where you can participate as well, using the products you have been instructed to have on hand.  Overall, the experience will be as informative and experiential as you allow it to be.

Please note: this programme is subject to change

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saturday 30 October

Day One - Presentations

8:00am - Welcome and Introduction to Aromatica Australia 2021

8:15am - Rebecca Dyson Tichbon, "A Spotlight on Bergamot"

9:00am - Vivienne Campbell, "Herbs For Aromatherapy"

9:50am - BREAK

10:05am - Lisa Day, "Farm Walk - The Paperbark Company"

10:40am - Jade Shutes, "Western Herbal Energetics & Aromatic Formulation"

11:30am - Deby Atterby, "Introducing Australian Aromatherapy Profiles"

11:45am - Jonathan Benavides, "Transcending: Aromatherapy for End of Life"

12:30pm - BREAK

1:30pm - Elizabeth Ashley, "Finding The Magic Of An Essential Oil"

2:20pm - Gergely Hollódi, "Human Archetypes of Essential Oils - Looking Through The Chemistry Glass"

3:10pm - BREAK

3:30pm - Lise Racine, "Farm Walk - The Herbal Gardener

4:00pm - Madeleine Kerkhoff, " Fusion AromaCare™ for Respiratory Distress in the very ill and dying"

4:50pm - Closing Out

5:00pm - Close

sunday 31 october

Day Two - Workshops

8:00am - Introduction

8:15am - Workshop 1: Melani Kovač, "A Contemporary Approach To Formulating Powerful Essential Oil Blends"

9:15am - Workshop 2: Elizabeth Rea & Fiona Carr, "Nursing Touch ® - A Delicate Touch For Those In Delicate Care"

10:15am BREAK

10:30am - Workshop 3: Jill Mulvaney, "Let's Get Distilling"

12:30pm - BREAK

1:30pm - Workshop 4: "Australiana Profiles"

3:00pm - Workshop 5: Vivienne Campbell, "An Introduction to Herbal Extract Making" Includes a small Break

5:00pm - Close Out & Thank You


Throughout the programme you will encounter a variety of bonus sessions. These will include Australiana Spotlights and an introduction to Australian Profiles.

Pre-conference, you will receive a voucher book on registration (by mail), to be used over the coming 12 months.

Once you receive your Certificate of Attendance, you will be entered into a Major Draw, with 5 lucky participants receiving one Major Prize each, donated by our fabulous sponsors!

Platinum Sponsor Perfect Potion

"Education is the Key to the Future of Clinical Aromatherapy"